Vintage Art Deco PARKER 75 Cisele STERLING SILVER Textured Pen & Pencil Set


Greetings From Gloucester, MA. Here’s an incredible lot – circa 1960’s mid century, art deco, modernist Sterling Silver Pen Set, with a terrific feel, due to the thousands of micro-squares that comprise the surface’s texture. They seem to be in very nice, original condition. Tough to photograph the textured/reflective surfaces, so I’ve included several photos.
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Nice Vintage 1946 Parker 51 Lustraloy & India Black Vacumatic Fountain Pen


Vintage 1946 Parker “51” India Black & Lustraloy Vacumatic Fountain Pen. Thank you for visiting. Please see included images and below for details / condition. Brushed chrome finish, pearled Cap Jewel. Gold filled arrow design, embossed “PARKER” and the enamel Blue Diamond. Glossy smooth black finish with Clutch Ring and matching Blind Cap. “PARKER “51
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