Vintage 1st Yr Parker 51 DJ Fountain Pen/Pencil Cordovan Brown High Imprint Caps


Vintage (1st yr) 1941 Parker 51 Double Jewel Fountain Pen and Pencil set with 1st year High Imprint Caps. 1st Yr Parker 51 “Cordovan Brown” Double Jewel Fountain Pen / 1st year Mechanical Pencil “Cordovan Brown”. Stamped on Blind cap : (Strong Imprint) “Parker 51 “Made in the U. Cap Pattern: (Fountain Pen & Pencil
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Vintage 1st yr Parker 51 Cordavan Brown DJ Fountain Pen with 1st High Imprint Cap


Vintage 1941 1st Year Parker 51 Double Jewel “Cordavan Brown” Fountain Pen with with with blue diamond clip. Parker 51 double jewel : Strong Imprint on Blind Cap “Parker 51″ Made In U. 1st Year squirly line cap 1/10th 14K Gold Made in USA stamped on Cap (High Imprint). Aluminum jewels, 1ST yr aluminum Filler
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Vintage Parker Duofold Maxima, Huge Number 50 14k nib, High gloss, Serviced

This is an outstanding example of Parkers flagship Duofold Maxima from the late 1950s in High glos s Piano Black with gold accents This pen has a huge number 50 14k gold nib. This is an enormous , imposing yet comfortable pen, which with its firm, smooth medium nib is perfect to use every day.
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