Vintage PARKER 51 Fountain pen MUSTARD YELLOWSTONE Double Jewels Fine Working


Purveyors of Fine Writing since 1998. Always 100’s of Pen listings! Vintage PARKER 51 Fountain pen MUSTARD YELLOWSTONE. Model : 51 Fountain pen MUSTARD YELLOWSTONE , double jeweled, Vacumatic filled. Condition : Beautiful, no dings or issues, works. Box shows wear on inside. ALL fraudulent activities are reported to LAPD. Midastars warrantees and represents that
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Fine Vintage 1946 Parker 51 Gf Converging Lines & Yellowstone Dj Fountain Pen


Nice Vintage 1946 Parker “51” Mustard (Yellowstone) Double Jeweled Fountain Pen with 1/8 14K Gold Filled’Converging Lines’ Cap. Thank you for visiting. Please see included images and below for details / condition. Gold filled with’Converging Lines’ Pattern, pearled Cap Jewel and embossed 1/8 14K GOLD FILLED MADE IN U. Gold filled Arrow design embossed “PARKER”
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Vintage Parker 51 Fountain Pen Mustard Yellowstone Yellow Set Boxes Restored 14k

Here is an absolutely stunning vintage Parker 51 double jewel set in Yellowstone/Mustard Yellow. This set not only includes the original hardshell box, but the outter cardboard box as well. The fountain pen has been completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected and restored. Upon inspection, I found very faint traces of ink being in the pen. I
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